Review: The Holy Grail

Barbara Patterson-Whitehead | The Fountain Hills Times – Letters to the Editor | Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It’s summer, it’s hot, the snow birds have left and the Fountain Hills Theater has another hit! You’d best hurry…it runs June 14-30 and I predict it will be sold out. Peter J. and his crew have created an adaptation of Monty Python’s “Spamalot” in which King Arthur, Sir Lancelot and Lady of the Lake spoof Camelot, a play we all love and enjoy.

But not quite! Everyone is game for fun, ridicule and degradation. Sorry, ladies, there are no shirtless men, but that is about all they leave out. Remember it is King Arthur, for Heaven’s sake, and mesh mail was the dress of the day in 932 A.D. They tell the tale of the legendary Arthur, Knights of the Round Table, legless knights, men in tights, killer rabbits and the sexy dancing girls called the “Laker Girls.” All are in search of the Holy Grail.

Mary Ann Hacker and her crew of costumers have made us first-rate outfits and they really stand out. It is worth admission to see Patrick Russo in a wig and wedding dress! Don’t ask. Patrick plays six (at least) characters and is simply terrific, as always.

With a cast so full of talent, I must single out Lizz Reeves Fidler as Lady of the Lake. Why she is not on Broadway is anybody’s guess, but she has a fantastic voice and we are lucky to have her. Terry Gadaire, as King Arthur, shines again, as he always does (remember The Producers)! Chad Campbell as Patsy does an outstanding job with the clipping coconuts! Did I mention the costumes?

Call the box office at (480) 837-9661, ext.3 or run to the theater.
Don’t miss this one! Be prepared to laugh, leave any prejudices at the door and enjoy!
See you at the theater.

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